10 Underrated Brands That I Love

This list contains not only makeup brands, but hair care, clothing, and stationary. I love these brands and love to watch them grow!

First up on my list is:

Tattoo Junkee

I absolutely love this brand of liquid lipstick. They have eyeliner also, but I have not tried it yet (keyword, YET). Their lipstick holds onto your lips all day. I can eat a burrito and my lipstick will.not.budge! They feel sort of dry on your lips, but that is what happens when you buy a matte lipstick. You know it is good when it dries your lips slightly, but using lip balm between uses and doing a sugar lip scrub once week helps! All their lipsticks come with the liquid lipstick and a little shimmer pot, so you can get two looks! And, they are only $7.99! I honestly prefer this lipstick over most others! You can check them out here.

Next is:

Honey Rose Collection

They are an up-and-coming online store that I had found on Twitter quite a while ago. They sell jewelry, lingerie, makeup, beauty products, and clothing! Their products are not badly priced and they are good quality. I love their lashes and zodiac necklaces. They are all so cute and their makeup line is so amazing! Their highlight is so pigmented it is amazing. You can check out their website here.

Starcrushed Minerals 

This is another makeup brand I had found on Twitter, and I am so happy I did! The sell some CRAZY pigmented eyeshadows and some amazing glitter! They even sell the shaped glitter that are shaped like stars and hearts and things like that. And their shipping is so cute! I wish I had a picture from when I ordered from them! They come with a bunch of glitter stars, so, you have now been warned about opening your packages carefully!They had even included a couple Starbursts in there! Yum!! You can check out their website here.


Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A has really great brushes and beauty blenders for only $1 each! They also have some beautiful magnetic pallets that are between $4 and $7.50! They are so pretty and they have so many different designs.They also have lipsticks, lip scrubs, eyeliners, etc, for only $1 each, which is what I really love. They also have a lot of jewelry. I have not tried their jewelry yet, but I want to one day. And they have some random things too, like coin purses, pens, popsockets, socks, etc for only a $1 as well! This website has become a curse for me, whenever I go on here, I end up purchasing things! While writing this, I purchased something! You can see my obsession here.

Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed has some really cute chokers that I love. If you follow them on Twitter, they post when they are having discounts and are always updating their social media on their new products. I love how nice the owner is too! They always respond to people within seconds are just genuinely nice! You can find their store here.

Coastal Scents 

I don’t think a lot of people talk about this company a lot and I do not know why! They are amazing! Their eyeshadows are very pigmented and their brushes are high quality for such low prices! And, they do a sale every once in a while where their single eyeshadows are $0.98! You can check out their website here.


Typo is owned by Cotton On, so some people my know about it, but not many. Typo is a fun and cute stationary store that sells things to spice up your desk and room. They also have small things like backpacks and water bottles and pillow. Honestly, since I have come across this store, I have become obsessed with staying organized and making my room fun. They also have a super cute Disney line and also, who can forget about their Pug-A-Corn line (pug unicorn if you didn’t understand the mash name). Always go through their sale tab! They always have amazing things in the sale tab and that is usually what I nab when I go on the website. You can visit the website here.

Next on my list:

Eva Nyc

Eva Nyc is a hair product company. I love their 10-in-1 hair primer spray. It have a bunch of oils in it that keeps your hair nice and healthy. I would not recommend the 10-in-1 for people who have thin hair because it will cause you to look a bit oily, but it would be better if you tried their other products which are just as good. You can get most of their products from Ulta or Target. I prefer getting from Ulta because I can get my points! Here is their website.


I don’t hear a lot of people talking about Torrid much, but I personally love it. It is a store for sizes 10 to 30. They also have a lot of cute accessorize that anyone can get. I love their clothing and their shoes are meant for bigger sizes as well. For people with wide feet or boots for people with wide calves (me!). Their clothes are super stylish too and they have a lot of graphic tees too! I get most of my clothes from them because they compliment and hug my body well. Check them out here.



This one is slowly becoming more and more known. Brandless is cool for low priced food, beauty products, stationary, kitchen items, bathroom items, etc. I love the stationary items like the notebooks and pens and highlighters. They are so nice and high quality for only $3! Everything is only $3 and organic, which I also love!. I am actually obsessed with it right now to be honest. Check it out here.

I am not affiliated with any of these brands. These are purely based on my opinions. If you want to see more brands that I love or have something you’d love for me to write, please comment down below or privately message me on any of my social media or my email!

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