My Approach

I grew up very creative. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, writing, I love it all. I still do, but now I am finding ways to really share with everyone what I love.

My Story

Writing has always been a passion of mine.I used to write short stories, poems, (really bad) novels, etc. I got into fashion as a child and beauty when I was in middle school. I am a licensed cosmetologist, meaning I am knowledgeable in hair, skin, and nails, and I can also work on people professionally. It opened my eyes to everything I can do with my creativity. I have realized that working in a salon is not the right fit for me though. I have a herniated disc in my lower back and scoliosis in my upper back, and there are certain updos, hair cuts, and chemical treatments that I would love to do, but it is so hard to do so without needing to sit down every five minutes. I decided that writing about beauty would be a better fit for me. I get to take two of the things I love and combine them, which is everything I have ever wanted. I hope you enjoy what I do and what I write and follow me on my adventures!

Meet the Writer

My name is Annisa and love scary movies, photography, reading, and really cool SFX makeup (yes, Halloween in my favorite holiday). I am a young writer and a beginning makeup artist and starting to really jump into the ocean of what is known as fashion. Fashion has always interested me and I plan on doing even more research on the field! I am currently going to school to get a degree in journalism and photography, so I can then be able to present myself to magazines and show that I can write, take photos, and do hair and makeup for the photos. (Here’s my photography page:¬† ).