2018 Spring Clothes You Will Fall In Love With

Confused on what to wear for the upcoming spring? Reading to do your spring clothing haul? Well, keep reading and add these beautiful pieces to your closet this spring.

Clear Skin Journey

My first article about my skin care routine. Acne has always been a very big issue for me and my acne is super resistant to the normal skin care routines you read online. This is not just me saying, "Hey, drink water!" My journey will continue here on my blog so stay caught up!

Cosmetology School: Is It Right For You?

People think cosmetology school will be easy, but once they join, they realize there is a lot to it. Are you thinking about joining? Read this to see if you really want to do it!

I Got A Breast Reduction.

Pain in my shoulders and a bad back resulted to the dream  of a surgery. That dream became a reality and I was quickly happy and relieved to be out of pain. Are you thinking about getting a surgery done too? Read this and if you have any questions, please let me know!

Growing Up Mixed

Being biracial is... interesting. It has its ups and downs, like the fact you always get the question, "What are you?" or "Can I touch your hair?"